Just a reminder that tattoos don’t have to mean anything. They do not require some intricate and moving backstory. Some people just appreciate having art on their skin…it’s as simple as that.

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a moment of silence and prayer for 68 innocent women, children and men brutally gunned down in a mosque in Iraq today.


There are no words.

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❝Surely every one realizes, at some point along the way, that he is capable of living a far better life than the one he has chosen.
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I’m sorry but I’m just so mad.

I am just so frustrated on a daily basis cause I do not feel loved by my boyfriend.
He doesn’t kiss me, he doesn’t show any affection, never calls me pretty, nothing.
Like I just bought him a fucking 600 dollar used macbook that he wanted so bad, and he was literally grateful for it for like a day.
I just feel so exausted with him all the time. I constantly feel like I’m trying so hard - with everything. And he just never reciprocates the effort.
And I’ve had this conversation with him like a million times and we just end up arguing and he tells me I’m mean and bitchy all the time and that’s why he’s not like affectionate, but actually no, I’m not mean, like I wouldn’t buy him a mac if I was mean, and I wouldn’t be the one who works a job.
Like seriously I am just so frustrated.
The tiniest thing is like enough to completely piss me off cause he’ll do rude things all day, and I’m like uh okay? And like I confront them each time but he doesn’t apologize.
It’s like I think he loves me, but I think he loves that I love him. I don’t think he actually loves me.
That’s hard enough for me to type without thinking about it.
I think that’s why he’s not very nice anymore is because I’m not kissing his ass and like hard crushing anymore. He loved the attention I think.
Like he has literally told me that “He loves me because I love him” and like idk that really does not seem like a good valid reason. Honestly it seems SO selfish. And then one day I was like what do you like about me, and he was like “you’re smart, and pretty. I like that ass. *laughs*”
Like sorry ok that’s not romantic, it makes me feel belittled and like shit.
Like I had a guy write fucking beautiful poetry about me, when he told me why he loved me it wasn’t stupid artificial reasons.
It’s not fair because I have done so much for him. SO MUCH. and I feel like he does care, but not enough to treat me well.
Like I guess he doesn’t treat me badly, but he’s just really rude and inconsiderate and disrespectful. And I constantly feel so badly about myself. I know that sometimes I say mean things to him sometimes but I say them because he does rude things to me.
But hes the one doing all these super rude things, ya feel.
Idk if I’m just like over analyzing shit, or what. I miss having a guy that calls me pet names, or looks at me like he cares about me, or does random sweet things. He doesnt do any of that. I think he is honestly so bored of me, but because I’m convenient and he knows I care about him and his well being a lot, he likes me.
I don’t even know if he knows what love is.
I wish I had the money to buy some rum. I am just so annoyed and lonely and I feel like this relationship is doomed for real.

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UGH im tired and almost out of cigarettes Creds
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Wish figs and mango were in season again
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one more hour and i finally find out who dies on pll ugh this show literally has me in the palm of its hands ugh

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i didn’t know you could make gifs  Creds
Anonymous: your blog looks like marina and the diamonds shat on hilary duff's face and then vomited some static shock font on top. pls delete <3


you seem like the type of person to use insults like this at school so people laugh at you all the time and you only have one close friend thats in the anime club 

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